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My brothers and I started LOOPS in 2010. It was then we realized that our cravings for our hometown favorite foods from Chicago just weren’t around in our new home here in Columbus, Ohio. Growing up as Greek restaurant boys, it was a no brainer!


We are proud to bring these delicious sandwiches to Columbus along with our own original creations and twists on these amazing classics. From our original LOOPS Spicy Gyro Roll,  to a loaded Chicago hotdog, smoked beef polish sausages, fresh carved gyros, pork chop sandwiches smothered in onions,  and the always famous Italian Beef, sliced thin and topped with authentic giardiniera (the wetter the better!)


How did we come up with the name of our place, you ask?  It comes from the elevated train, more commonly referred to as the “eL” or the “L,” which circles downtown Chicago in a ‘loop’; hence the name “LOOPS.”


On any given day, you can take the “eL” through downtown and upon getting off the train, there was always a variety of great food places to grab a bite.  It is here inside the Loop where you’ll find some of the best sandwiches you’ve ever had. Chicago food is known worldwide for a reason. 


Visit Loops for an authentic taste of a Chicago and make sure you bring an appetite!


Loops…Just Good Food  


Eat it. Love it. Get Out.


The Constantinides Brothers


It's the kind of food that changes your entire day. A gyro that puts an exclamation point on the end of your entire week and buries your woes in flavor, pumps up your ego to max and fufills your goals with fries! I'd like the think the 300 Spartans would have vanquished more Persians with Loops in their life.

Columbus, OH

I'm no Gyro expert, or Greek cuisine expert for that matter, but I do know when food tastes great and the Classic Gyro I ordered tasted fantastic. I also ordered a side of fries that were great tasting as well. The restaurant itself has a casual and laid back vibe that makes it feel very cool. This is a perfect place to grab a bite to eat when you're in a hurry or for a get together with a group of friends to catch up. Also, it  is perfectly situated on a corner which facilitates people watching (if you're into that). I had a great experience and would recommend this place to everyone.

Columbus, OH

Great place, the owners know what I get every time I come in there and sometimes get started on it before I even place the order. Great people, amazing food every time I come in there!

Columbus, OH

I love the spicy gyro rolls! I've never found them any where else. Also have the best gyros.

Columbus, OH

Love this place! The friendliest group of people. The best French fries in town by far!!!!

Columbus, OH

I just walked in for the first time today and asked the owner something I couldn't miss on the menu. He suggested the Fetafire which I had with gyro on the grilled pita. Oh man, was I in for an amazing surprise? It's a taste explosion. AMAZING. Can't wait to go back!!

Columbus, OH

The best gyros in town, large, fresh and very tasty, love their fries, the parmesan cheese sprinkle is very good, but my favorite menu item is the spicy gyro rolls! its like a gyro in a egg roll! I order them everytime!

Columbus, OH

Holy smokes yummy!! I had an absolutely fantastic food truck experience on Monday October 13th. My sandwich was DELICIOUS, the gyro rolls wonderful and the fries...O.M.G. Scratch made tzatziki...puleeze!! The service was great too! The only negative...I haven't stopped talking about them all week. Thanks Guys!!!

Columbus, OH

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